With the holidays just around the corner, the subtle “cooling” in the market continues along its merry way (see my “SLO County Market Statistics September 2013” post for why I think this is occurring).

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October 2013 Market Stats

This most recent cooling trend, coupled with conventional belief that the real estate market typically slows down during the holidays, could actually work to the benefit of serious and ready Buyers! Think about it… as numerous Buyers and Sellers decide to take a break during the holiday season, you just might: 1) face lower competition from other Buyers (yay!!!), and 2) be dealing with highly, highly motivated sellers; who else would be willing to endure the inconveniences of listing, marketing and making available their property for showings in-between family gatherings, out-of-town trips and parties? So a higher level of motivation from sellers, combined with less competition from buyers could make for a perfect mix to find that perfect property!

I’m merrily working through the holidays, are YOU?! Give me a call to chat and explore your options here on the Central Coast;)

Happy Thanksgiving!